Green Prince Program | Prince George Hotel

Green Prince

We believe that luxury can be green and that responsibility lies in choices.

When you choose Green Prince Service...

  • We replace only bath amenities that are completely empty.
  • We set the climate controls in your room to adjust when you are out.
  • We replace only those towels that you place on the bathroom floor.
  • And, we change your bed linens on the third day of your stay.

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Other things we do to reduce our impact include:

    • Our offices use recycled paper with a higher recyclable content and less packaging.
    • We choose cleaning supplies that have less chemical impact.
    • All lighting is energy efficient, with mercury free bulbs.
    • We send electronic info packages and sales contracts whenever possible.
    • All Hazardous wastes are properly collected stored, transported and disposed of.
    • We flick lights off when they're not required.
    • Printers are monitored by our network to detect and report unusually high paper consumption.
    • The Prince George has 3 Green Keys in the Green Leaf Program.
    • We recycle all paper, newspapers, cardboard, and bottles.
    • We use water coolers where possible, in place of water bottles.
    • We sell our used linens, blankets, pillows, lamps, furniture, dishes, utensils and glassware at reduced prices.
    • Many materials that we used to throw away are now donated to charities.
    • We use no synthetic air fresheners.
    • Our automatic chemical dispensing system for our pool adds chemicals only when required for sanitation reasons.
    • We conduct an annual energy audit to target new steps to improve our energy conservation.
    • We grow our own herbs in our new patio herb garden.
    • We have paperless payroll.
    • Partly used toilet rolls and amenities are used in staff areas.
    • Our refundables are all returned for recycling.
    • We use green bins for composting.
    • We recycle worn linens of all kinds as cleaning rags.
    • We use local and organic produce when possible.
    • We provide water in pitchers when possible, in place of bottles.
    • We use spoons, not stir sticks.
    • We supply re-usable table centerpieces when possible.
    • Registration upon arrival is paperless.

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