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Pet Friendly Hotel in Halifax


At The Prince George Hotel, you are treated to the same personalized VIP attention that we extend to unaccompanied Owners.

For the nominal one-time add-on rate of $25 per stay, we provide a welcome package that includes a comfy fleecy blanket, biodegradable waste bags, a bowl for food or water, a hydrant map and treats of course! A personalized door hanger is also included to make our staff aware that you have arrived.

Naturally, undue noise or mess are naughty behaviours to be avoided therefore your owners are not to leave you unattended. Your owner is required to have you cozy in your crate or out for a walk when we tidy your room - all those instructions are in the welcome letter in your welcome package.

We would like to ensure that everything goes fetchingly well during your stay, so if you have any special requirements, please advise your Owner to let us know when making your reservation.

Be sure to sulk emphatically if your Owner takes you to any other hotel in Halifax!

We look forward to welcoming you during your future travels.